This series is a continuation of my project entitled “Character of Earth”. It deals with the same content, the poetic relationship between the human form and nature. Through non-silver processes, specifically Platinum Paladium with a layer of Cyanotype on top, I explore this world in a monochromatic way, in order to give a cold, desolate feel. The viewer gets a feel that the human subject is truly alone in the woods surrounded by the natural landscape. These images can convey a kind of eerie feel to begin with, so I would like to emphasize that confinement by means of non silver processes. I am attracted to printing in palladium and cyanotype because each finished image turns out completely different. Some are warmer than others and in some, the cyanotype has prevailed more, causing the images to feel cooler. The use of the paper makes itself apparent, as well. The fibers can be seen, as well as the coating of the chemicals (in some areas it may be heavier than in others).